How to fit in fruits and veggies

Adding fruits and vegetables to your diet is like inviting a bunch of colorful and tasty friends to your meals! There are many easy ways to do it. And it’s important for keeping your body happy and healthy.

Eat the rainbow! This means choosing different colors like brown, white, red, orange, yellow, green, and purple most days of the week. Each color brings special nutrients that help your body in different ways. Add blueberries to cereal at breakfast. Have a juicy orange for a snack. Eat a mix of colorful bell peppers with dinner.

Get creative with how you eat them. Try raw veggies with a yummy dip like hummus. Toss fruit slices into your morning cereal or yogurt. Blend up a fruit smoothie or make a fruit salad with your favorite fruits. You can even sneak some veggies into pasta sauce, soups, or salads for extra goodness.

Remember, it’s not about eating all the fruits and vegetables in one day. Try to have them at each meal. Add more little by little. You’ll discover these colorful foods are not just good for you but also super tasty!

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