How many do you eat?

How many fruits and veggies do we need to eat?

Eating fruits and vegetables is important for our health. Experts suggest we eat five or more servings of them each day. That might sound like a lot, but it’s not as hard as it seems.

So what is a serving?

For those 9 years of age and older, a serving of fruits and vegetables is 1 cup. A tennis ball-sized piece of fruit is one serving. So is 1 cup of small fruit like grapes or berries or 1 cup of cooked, non-leafy vegetables, like green beans.

There are some exceptions to these serving size rules:

For kids less than 9 years old, a serving varies based on body size and activity level. A good rule of thumb for these kids is to give them a serving the size of their fist. For small children, this might be about ½ of a cup.

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