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Beyond statistics, our reach is about our story! Our partners are doing great work in so many communities and settings! The HLI (Healthy Lifestyles Initiative) messages have been spread from Columbia, Missouri, to Colombia, South America, by committed doctors, teachers, public health advocates and employers!

Partners like the YMCA are incorporating the HLI framework into every aspect of their Linwood center, from initial staff orientation to their child watch program to their fitness programming with their members. Primary care doctors across the metro are having successful conversations with families about healthy behaviors using the HLI healthy weight assessment and plan. In addition to using the messages in their work with families, the staff at Hope Family Care Center participated in monthly healthy lifestyle challenges, role modeling healthy behaviors and incorporating the HLI approaches into their own lives! These little steps make a big footprint when we all come together!

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2015 HLI Summary Report
2016 HLI Summary Report

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