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The obesity epidemic presents an unprecedented economic and health burden to the Kansas City area. Children’s obesity rates increase when they enter school. Obesity can impact school attendance, academic outcomes, psychosocial and emotional well-being. Incorporating physical activity and healthy eating at school has shown to improve students’ ability to concentrate and improve classroom behavior.

How can my school center participate in HLI?

  1. Sign Up as a partner
  2. Fill out your MAPPS for Change, action plan!
  3. HLI staff can support you in filling out your MAPPS for Change, connecting you with existing resources in your area or providing materials or technical assistance based on the ideas you develop in your action plan!

How have other schools incorporated HLI?

There are many ways you could incorporate the Healthy Lifestyles Initiative approaches into your school!    Here are some examples from our partners:

  • Included the 12345 Fit-tastic! information and message in newsletters to parents
  • Revitalized our wellness committee and began several new activities such as a running club and healthy birthday club (healthy snacks for birthdays)
  • Held an annual Health Fair for families, where we invited community partners in to promote health and used the 12345 Fit-tastic! messages
  • Used 12345 Fit-tastic! messages to promote and highlight our school garden and to remind students about the importance of eating vegetables
  • Incorporated Fit-tatic! healthy weight assessment questions into our existing screenings

Your customized MAPPS for Change plan will focus on activities, messages and or policies that best fits the needs of your school! 

Tips & examples of MAPPS plans for schools

Fit-tastic! FAQ's for Schools 

Click here for Model School Wellness Policy Resources (guides for Administrators, Staff and Families)

Links to other school resources

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