Fit-Tastic! Resources

These documents and supports are organized and listed to showcase how different materials help support with different elements of the MAPPS for Change methodology. There is also a printer friendly list of these resources. 

Fit-tastic! Message Card  Get Movin Poster  Unplug    Drink Up Poster  Eat Right Poster  Blood Pressure Poster  Diabetes Poster  Heart Disease Poster  Fruit Snacks Billboard  Play Station Billboard  Vitamin Water Billboard

1 Handout   2 Handout  3 Handout  4 Handout  5 Handout  Overall Handout   1PA Coloring   2ST Coloring  3MY Coloring  4H2O Coloring  5FV Coloring  Fit- Tracker  

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NEW Resource Available! Healthy Lifestyles Initiative (HLI) in Early Childhood Toolkit    

1 - Message 

2 - Assessment

3 - Plan

Healthy Lifestyles Initiative: Choose Healthy Habits for a Healthy Future!