Early Care and Education Partners

Studies show that it is important to start health and wellness habits as early as possible, as children are developing taste preferences, learning to walk and play, and beginning to adopt both healthy and unhealthy patterns. Every child deserves a healthy start in life! Early care and education programs play a crucial role in setting up healthy environments and growing these health and wellness habits!

See our Early Care and Education toolkit for ideas on how to get started!  

This toolkit highlights:

  • The 12345 Fit-Tastic! materials and parent handouts available to you
  • Ideas for how to use 12345 Fit-Tastic! messaging in your program and in communication with families
  • Examples of Fit-Tastic! wellness policies and practices
  • Sample Fit-Tastic! family letters
  • Connections to community partners and additional resources

How can we join the Healthy Lifestyles Initiative (HLI) movement? 

  1. Sign Up as a partner 
  2. Enter your contact information and hit “SUBMIT”
  3. Look for an email from Fit-Tastic! org (within a day or so). We’ll grant you access to download all the 12345 Fit-Tastic! handouts, materials and activities for FREE!

    As a partner, you can download 12345 Fit-Tastic! handouts and materials, you’ll receive email updates and newsletters from us, and you’ll be added the HLI partner network! HLI staff can support you in filling a MAPPS for Change, action plan, connecting you with existing resources in your area or providing materials or technical assistance based on the ideas you have!

How have other early care and education providers been involved with the HLI?

There are many ways you could incorporate the Healthy Lifestyles Initiative approaches into your program!    Here are some examples from our partners:

  • Included the 12345 Fit-tastic information and message in newsletters to parents
  • Created a 12345 Fit-Tastic! bulletin board and rotated information on each of the 5 messages
  • Included fruits and vegetables in play food/play kitchen and encouraged children to talk about “colorful” healthy plates at meal time.
  • Served healthy food at family events. (Served fruit and low-fat yogurt parfaits at parent event and even had children help prepare the snack!)
  • Altered morning snacks to ensure that fresh fruits replaced crackers.  

And many more! 

Healthy Lifestyles Initiative: Choose Healthy Habits for a Healthy Future!