Partner Spotlights

Partner Spotlight videos features Fit-Tastic! partners and their work.

If you’re interested joining us in a Partner Spotlight video, please reach out to us at

Dr. Christina Low Kapalu, PhD, is a Pediatric Psychologist at Children’s Mercy and shares some helpful tips for parents about how to promote family well-being while staying at home during the pandemic.

The second weekly video for Fit-Tastic! at Home features Laura Steele from BikeWalk KC talking about how to be physical activty during COVID-19.

In our third installment of the Fit-Tastic! at Home video series, we chat with Angel Obert from Wyandotte County Parks and Recreation about ways to stay safe and physically active while enjoying parks during COVID-19.

Our fourth installment of the Fit-Tastic! at Home video series features Broderick Crawford. Broderick is the Executive Director of the NBC Community Development Corporation, and during the interview he highlights his work to revive the Jersey Creek Trail in northeast Wyandotte County, and how it relates to systemic disinvestment, racism, and redlining.

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