Partner Spotlight: Kansas City Community Gardens (KCCG)

Kansas City Community Gardens’ mission is to empower and inspire low-income households, community groups, and schools in the Kansas City Metropolitan area to grow their own vegetables and fruit. KCCG accomplishes its mission through its five programs:

  1. Self-Help Gardening: Empowering area families to successfully grow and prepare fresh food at home or in a community garden.
  2. Schoolyard Gardens: Working alongside Kansas City students to tend their school’s garden and learn about gardening and nutrition.
  3. Community Partner Gardens: Supporting community groups, including neighborhood associations, nonprofits, congregations, and hospitals, to start and maintain productive community garden projects.
  4. The Giving Grove: Empowering community leaders to care for the earth and feed their neighbors by establishing community orchards.
  5. The Leanna Flandermeyer Beanstalk Children’s Garden: Providing nutrition and environmental education to Kansas City’s youth in a unique urban garden setting, using a STEM-based curriculum tailored to meet the needs of all learning levels.This time of year, schools are gearing up to grow their spring gardens and before we know it students will be harvesting kale, radishes, green onions and more!


KCCG Grant Opportunity!
The Giving Grove EPA Local Environmental Education Subaward

Schools are looking forward to planting a new orchard this spring as they’ve been awarded the Giving Grove EPA Local Environmental Education Subaward. Funds are available for qualifying schools to plant fruits, nuts, and berries.

If you’re interested in applying for this special grant, please click here.

Spring planting opportunities are filled, but there will be more subawards and funding for fall school orchard installations.

Contact or for more information!

Giving Grove Website

KCCG Website

EPA Application

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