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Admit it: you’ve known for as long as you can remember that milk is good for you. So how come we stop drinking it? The new guidelines say that one should choose low or non-fat milk or yogurt at each meal. Skim and 1 percent milk are recommended for children 2 years and older; they contain the same nutrients as 2 percent and whole milk. And if you’re not a fan of milk: try enriched soy products, low-fat cottage cheese, tofu or yogurt.


Tips to include calcium-rich milk or yogurt in your diet:

  • Serve low or non-fat milk to drink at each meal for children.
  • Keep milk ice cold. Kids are more likely to drink it.
  • Use nonfat fruit-flavored yogurt as dip for fruit.
  • Make your own smoothies by blending your favorite frozen fruit with yogurt and nonfat milk.
  • Layer fruit and yogurt in a tall glass to make your own parfait. Top with a sprinkle of whole grain cereal.

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