Eat Right

5 Servings or more of Fruit & Vegetables

We’ve all been told: Eat your vegetables!– and for good reason. Fresh, frozen and canned fruits and vegetables are full of important vitamins, minerals, water and fiber that help keep your body healthy! It’s important to include five or more servings each day. Fruits and veggies help prevent certain types of diseases (including cancer). They help give you a healthy complexion. They help make blood and they keep bones and muscles strong. Do you need any other reasons to load up?

Wanna enjoy a real fruit snack? Partners for Health is a group in Kansas City working together to promote healthy living and connect to community resources! See info below on fresh fruits and veggies in the KC area:

Check out this video to see the great Partners 4 Health members sharing about their organizations and living out their vision of health for all!

Parents can be good role models for their children in all things, including eating fruits and vegetables. Parents also need to know that it may take some time for children to try new foods. Don’t force it! Try offering new fruits and vegetables prepared in a variety of ways. Take your children with you when you visit a mobile or farmer’s market. Have your children help pick out new foods. Another thing we’ve all been told: Try it, you will like it!

Tips to eat more fruit & vegetables:


Click here to find fun ways that you can be Fit-Tastic! At Home during COVID-19!

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