How to wash your fruits and veggies

Washing fruits and vegetables before eating them can help ensure your food is safe to eat. This is important for all fruits and vegetables. Even if it says “washed and ready to eat,” it may be a good idea to wash it anyway. This will remove any unwanted germs, pesticides, and any soil that might be present.

But, don’t use soap! You don’t want your food to taste like soap. Instead, wash with cold water.

Tough-skinned vegetables like zucchini or cucumbers are washed differently than soft skinned fruits like berries. For tough skinned vegetables, first, hold them under cold running water. Next, scrub them softly with a brush or rub with your hand. This washes away unwanted particles.

For soft-skinned fruits like berries, holding them under running water can damage the skin. Instead, place them in a bowl of cold water and swirl to remove any unwanted particles. Remove them from the water and let dry. Make sure they are dry if you plan to store them again. Extra water in the storage container can lead the berries to go bad faster.

So, remember, washing your produce is always a good idea. Food safety comes first.

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