Choose local!

Why choose locally grown fruits and vegetables? There are benefits for you, the people who live around you, and for our world.

When you buy locally grown fruits and vegetables, you support your local economy. Spending your money locally helps farmers in your community keep their jobs. It also helps strengthen the local food supply. This means you rely on farmers closer to you instead of those that are far away. You can also make friends with community members this way. This helps build strong relationships at the local level.

Local fruits and vegetables are full of flavor. They are great for your health too. Local produce bought in season has great flavor and nutrition. It is also able to get to your table sooner.  When it gets to your table sooner, it is healthier.

Farmers markets are a great way to buy locally. These are events where farmers from your local area set up a stand and sell their products. Check out the resources below to learn about farmers markets in Kansas City!

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